Isolation Transformers

Isolation and Ultra Isolation Transformers

Servomax Limited prioritizes the safety of electrical appliances, recognizing its paramount importance. As a reliable choice for ensuring electrical safety, we specialize in offering customized and specialized Isolation and Ultra-Isolation Transformers both within India and internationally.

Isolation Transformers play a crucial role in preventing electrical shocks and ensuring the safety of connected equipment. These transformers are designed to physically and electrically isolate the primary and secondary winding circuits, minimizing the risk of electric shock and providing enhanced safety.

Ultra-Isolation Transformers, a specialized category, go a step further by providing an even higher level of isolation, making them suitable for applications where extreme precision and safety are imperative. These transformers are designed to offer superior isolation, typically with a higher insulation barrier, ensuring optimal protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

Servomax Limited’s expertise lies in crafting tailored solutions in the field of Isolation and Ultra-Isolation Transformers. Our transformers are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring not only compliance with safety standards but also optimal performance and reliability.

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