Online UPS Systems

Online UPS Systems

Online UPS

Servomax Limited is the best online UPS systems manufacturer and exporter in Hyderabad, India. We offer different capacities up to 500 kVA for the domestic, industrial, and IT sectors.

Power cuts and power interruptions are common due to natural or human calamities. But, if the frequency of power-cuts is more, then there will be many operational losses. Data loss, machinery malfunction, interruptive videos, etc. may occur. Providing a continuous power supply even during such situations is helpful in many ways.

We are specialized to design the best Online Uninterruptible Power Supply systems in different models. Along with continuous power supply, they also provide good quality power that is free from spikes, surges, frequency variations, harmonic distortions, and so on.

Our products are reliable and efficiently used for single-phase and three-phase power applications. They are enabled with excellent performance, efficient power back-up, and unmatched quality. We are proud to serve them at economically feasible prices for our customers in India and overseas.

Servomax Limited’s online UPS systems are designed with a lesser number of batteries. These help in saving the space and cost incurred in installation. The best in-house testing systems aid in checking the quality and efficiency of the systems – the online UPS systems are built as per the industrial standards.

Servomax Limited is the best supplier of the UPS systems. It serves various industries and residences with high-quality UPS products. Our units are distinctive with specialized features like –

  • High reliability
  • Excellent performance
  • Efficient power-backup
  • High and low voltage fluctuations
  • Unmatched quality

Engaging in the power-saving and eco-friendly business, Servomax Limited strives to manufacture with reliable and the best raw materials. Moreover, stringent testing processes involved during the build-up ensure efficient and safe deliveries.